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San Giacomo di Rialto Church - Antonio Vivaldi Collection
Venice has always been, since the Middle Ages, the ideal place for music.
A French traveler wrote in the eighteenth century "in every home an instrument was played and one sang, music was played everywhere, or one ran to hear it played."
Even the Venetian musical craft was famous anywhere: the instruments built here were sought after by professionals, collectors, and now enrich the collections of museums around the world.
From 1501 when Ottaviano Petrucci printed the world’s first book of music, Venice was the music publishing capital.
In no other city were there so many opera houses: the sets and the prodigious Venetian stage machinery defined a style and a taste that was imitated everywhere.
Friederich Nietzsche wrote, "if I try another word for music, and I always come back to the only one, Venice".

From ‘Places of Music in Venice’ by Aldo Bova.
Violin School by Gasparo da Salò
- 1600 -
Violin Bartolomeo Obici
- 1611 -
Violin Naples School
- 1700 -
Violin Giovanni Battista Spadari
- 1748 -
Violin Paolo Antonio Testore
- 1760 -
Violin Giuseppe Odoardi
- 1782 -
Viola Carlo Antonio Testore
- 1749 -
Viola Giuseppe Gagliano
- 1805 -
Viola da gamba Anonymous
- 1580 -
Cello Lombard School
- 1650 -
cello Pietro Paolo Desideri
- 1795 -
Mandolin Antonio Vinaccia
- 1784 -
Mandolin Antonio Vinaccia
- 1762 -
Mandolin Antonio Vinaccia
- 1787 -
Mandolin Ligurian School
- 1700 -
Mandolin Vincenzo Vinaccia
- 1761 -
Mandolone Giovanni Battista Fabricatore
- 1780 -
Archlute Anonymous
- 1600 -
Barrel-organs Anonymous
- 1850 -
Antiphonal Anonymous
- 1500 -
San Giacomo di Rialto Church
Music Museum
san maurizio church The Candian family (called Sanudo) is given credit for the construction of the Church of San Maurizio and Lazarus. Originally the façade faced the rio Santissimo and had its small square at the foot of the bridge that still leads to Campo Santo Stefano. go instruments The instruments presented in this exhibition form the core collection of masterpieces that belong to the past three centuries. The classical era of Italian violin making has given us the most celebrated, admired, preserved, and therefore imitated, production... go
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  • Le fotografie degli strumenti del Museo della Musica sono di Claudio Mazzolari
  • La fotografia dell'interno della Chiesa di San Maurizio è di Fabio Vivalda