Music Museum
What suave shivers: next events at La Fenice and Malibran Theatres Details
Concerts with Special Guests at San Vidal: Interpreti Veneziani perform with Maria Cleofe Miotti and Andrea Bazzoni on 5th and 12th Novembre 8.30 p.m. Details
"The Benedetto Marcello Conservatory has changed its music": Venice and the turning point of a prestigious school with 500 students Details
The Venice Prize national piano competition enchants the jury and the public Details
XXXIV edition of the Venice Piano Competition at Teatro La Fenice Details
In Japan, the Momiji season begins with Interpreti Veneziani Details
Concerts with Special Guests at San Vidal: Interpreti Veneziani and Federico Guglielmo (violin) 8th October 2017 9 p.m. Details
The Notes' Factory Details
Luigi Nono Festival 4th-9th October; the island of Giudecca celebrates the Venetian composer Details
The 2017 Vivaldi Festival in Japan: Interpreti Veneziani on tour 1-4 October 2017 Details
Biennale Musica 2017: 61st International festival of contemporary music, Venice 29th September - 8th October 2017 Details
Castiglioni's archive acquired by the Giorgio Cini Foundation Details
Marco Nicolé elected as new director of Venice's music conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" Details
Touch string_Cellos and technology Details
Palazzo Pisani, seat of Venice's Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory Details
Concerts with Special Guests at San Vidal: 10 September 2017 Vàclav Hudecek (violino) will perform with Interpreti Veneziani at 9 p.m. Details
Virtuosisms and great soloists at "LidoMusicAgosto" at the ancient St. Nicolò Cloister (Lido) Details
San Rocco Award 16 August 2017: Holy Mass and Concert Details
Concerts with Special Guests at San Vidal: Interpreti Veneziani and Marco Serino (violin) 13 August 2017 9 p.m. Details
Stravinskij, The Patriarch who became Pope John XXIII and the St. Mark's concert Details
The Piano Sings: Michael Nyman at the Goldoni Theatre in Venice on 20th October 2017 Details
Luca Galileo Ciuffoletti_Painting the Music Details
THE STRENGTH OF SOUNDTRACK: AN ORCHESTRAL LABORATORY on movie picture music at the Conservatory Benedetto Marcello in Venice Details
Our Lady of Good Health Basilica in Venice, Vespro d'organo e Vivaldi mercoledì 19 e domenica 23 luglio Details
Concerts with Special Guests at San Vidal: Interpreti Veneziani and Anthea Kreston Sunday 9 July 9 p.m. Details
The Music Room at the Scala Contarini del Bovolo Details
The 450° celebrations of Monteverdi's birth - May events Details
Unpublished by Vivaldi discovered by Fondazione Giorgio Cini Details
Ancient Veneto and Venetian Music: a series of concerts at San Rocco Details
Rediscovering Monteverdi: feelings become music. Venice celebrates the writer and composer's life and work on his 450° birth anniversary Details
Interpreti Veneziani: Easter concerts at the church of San Vidal Details
Composer Giovanni Mancuso at the Hotel Londra Palace Thursday 6th April Details
XXII Edition of the International Organ Music Festival in Noale (Venice) Details
Interpreti Veneziani celebrate Lima's Philharmonic Society's 110th Anniversary with two concerts at Lima's St.Ursula's Auditorium Details
Interpreti Veneziani: Carnival 2017 Concerts Programme at the church of San Vidal Details
The full Beethoven in Venice Details
Interpreti Veneziani New Year's Concerts 2016-2017 Details
Interpreti Veneziani: Christmas concert at San Vidal 25 December 2016 8.30 pm, Details
Interpreti Veneziani's Christmas Concerts at San Vidal Details
The Places of Music in Venice: the city's Conservatory Benedetto Marcello inaugurates its Museum Details
Interpreti Veneziani at the XXth edition of the Bentivoglio Festival 6 November 2016 5 p.m Details
Most Innovative International Student Award to Italian young desider Luca Alessandrini for his silk/spider silk violin Details
Interpreti Veneziani: Christmas concert at San Vidal 25 December 2016 Details
Baroque music in painting:Thys de Castella Collection: - Aert Coisijn, Portrait of a Violinist Details
Interpreti Veneziani: great success for the Japanese Tour 1-5 October 2016 Details
Tim Cantor's Four Seasons: The Movie Details
Thys de Castella Collection: Baroque music in paintings - C.N. Gysbrechts (? - post 1684) "Vanitas" Details
The Music Factory in Venice Details
Interpreti Veneziani: Concert-event Sunday 25 September at San Vidal, 9 p.m. Details
Petrucci's imprint on Music Details
Riccardo Guaraldi: a Lutist in Venice Details
The Thys de Castellana Collection: The Baroque Musician in Painting Details
Tarisio - One of the World's Finest Auction Houses for Stringed Instruments and Bows Details
Interpreti Veneziani and the resauration of two major artworks in the oldest church in Venice (San Giacomo di Rialto) Details
B4Baroque and Interpreti Veneziani: concert event 22 July 2016 from 7 pm onwards Details
Great Italian Violin Making (Part I) Details
Great Italian Violin Making Tradition (part 2) Interview with Artemio Versari Details
Padua's Saint Anthony's Chapel Library gives back an unpublished sonata in d major by Baldassarre Galuppi Details
San Vidal: Short bio of single violins - Gaetano Sgarabotto, Vicenza 1922 Details
San Vidal: Short bio of single violins - Ansaldo Poggi, Bologna 1924 Details
Violins in Venice: The Third Exhibition is launched at San Vidal Details
Three centuries of Italian Violin Making Details
music museum
san maurizio church
The Candian family (called Sanudo) is given credit for the construction of the Church of San Maurizio and Lazarus. Originally the façade faced the rio Santissimo and had its small square at the foot of the bridge that still leads to Campo Santo Stefano. go
Antonio Vivaldi Collection
San Giacomo di Rialto Church
According to tradition, the church of San Giacomo (St. James), popularly known as San Giacometo, was built in 421 by a carpenter, a certain Candioto or Etinopo... go
Concerts Interpreti Veneziani San Vidal Church
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  • Le fotografie degli strumenti del Museo della Musica sono di Claudio Mazzolari
  • La fotografia dell'interno della Chiesa di San Maurizio è di Fabio Vivalda