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Artemio versari Collection

The Music Museum is an exhibition dedicated to one of the artistic demonstrations that highlighted the Italian culture: the liuteria (the making of musical instruments).

Venice, the city where exposition takes place, has been the “storage” of important instrument constructers, particularly for violins. Its craftsmen were excellent in the experimenting and production of musical instruments that were continuously worked and progressed on until responding in an optimal way to the needs of the sonority that was slowly defining those days.

Throughout the Music Museum, Interpreti Veneziani narrates the '700, epoch that represents the most significant period of the Italian Liuteria, is narrated throughout the Music Museum. It is, in fact, the decade that goes through the achievement of the Cremonese School, that later became and remained, for today’s public, as a referring point for the construction of strings instruments.

The exhibition of “Antonio Vivaldi e il suo tempo”, which is lodged by the splendid Church of San Maurizio, has the goal to relive the sound of musical instruments, such as Amati, Guadagnini and Goffriller, in an environment of beauty and history, creating a moment of absolute perfection.

Inside, an updated and abundant CD-Bookshop allows all visitors to learn more about worldwide musical productions.

The Music Museum of Venice organizes guided visits.

This is the tribute of Artemio Versari and of the Interpreti Veneziani in the city of Venice.
music museum
san maurizio church
The Candian family (called Sanudo) is given credit for the construction of the Church of San Maurizio and Lazarus. Originally the façade faced the rio Santissimo and had its small square at the foot of the bridge that still leads to Campo Santo Stefano. go
Artemio versari Collection
San Vidal Church
More likely founded around 1084, under the Doge Vitale Falier, and dedicated to his patron saint, this church was reconstructed for the first time during the XII century... go
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