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Artemio versari Collection

Museo della Musica of Venice
The Music Museum is an exhibition dedicated to one of the artistic manifestations that have made Italian culture great: violin making. The "Antonio Vivaldi and his time" collection by Maestro Artemio Versari is a journey into the golden age of Italian violin making. The exhibition recounts the Venetian musical eighteenth century through the pieces belonging to the various workshops or "schools" that have made Italian manufactures famous throughout Europe. Venice, in fact, was the workshop of great "luthiers or instroment makers". Its craftsmen were excellent in the experimentation and production of stringed instruments that were increasingly perfected in order to respond optimally to the needs of sonority that came to be defined over time. The Music Museum is housed in the splendid Church of San Maurizio, an environment of great beauty and full of history: here the harmonious sounds of stringed instruments come to life, true works of art, signed by Amati, Guadagnini and Goffriller. The proposed path is a journey through the history of music and its language described through the most significant instruments.

To better accompany you on your visit to the Music Museum of Venice in the church of San Maurizio, we have decided to create a dedicated audio guide for you. A story to listen to the historical events of Venice and the church, the history of Italian violin making, and accurate descriptions of the original musical instruments on display.

Open every day from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 8pm.
music museum
san maurizio church
The Candian family (called Sanudo) is given credit for the construction of the Church of San Maurizio and Lazarus. Originally the façade faced the rio Santissimo and had its small square at the foot of the bridge that still leads to Campo Santo Stefano. go
Artemio versari Collection
San Vidal Church
More likely founded around 1084, under the Doge Vitale Falier, and dedicated to his patron saint, this church was reconstructed for the first time during the XII century... go
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