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XXXV Concert Season
Interpreti Veneziani, Church of San Vidal
“A new ensemble on the Italian and international concert scene!”

This is how, in 1987, the Interpreti Veneziani made their debut, immediately gaining a reputation for the "...exuberance and all-Italian brio characterizing their performances.”

A datum point in the worldwide musical panorama, the Interpreti Veneziani have reached their XXXV Concert Season in Venice, which attracts more than 60,000 viewers from all around the world every year.

Their important achievements include appearances in the Melbourne Festival, the Bayreuth Festival, and the Prague Music Festival "Vàclav Hudecek”; concerts at Stockholm's Royal Palace;  participation in the World Vision tele-marathon at the Kirov Theatre to mark the "reinstatement of the name St. Petersburg” a concert at the Osaka Symphony Hall with live broadcast on Japanese radio; concerts at the Tokyo Suntory Hall and Kjoi Hall.

The Interpreti Veneziani alternate their concert calendar every year, with performances in the most prestigious halls in the United States, Japan, Canada, and Latin America. In 2013 they performed for the first time in India. This year they'll return to Japan and Brazil.

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san maurizio church
The Candian family (called Sanudo) is given credit for the construction of the Church of San Maurizio and Lazarus. Originally the façade faced the rio Santissimo and had its small square at the foot of the bridge that still leads to Campo Santo Stefano. go
Artemio versari Collection
San Vidal Church
More likely founded around 1084, under the Doge Vitale Falier, and dedicated to his patron saint, this church was reconstructed for the first time during the XII century... go
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